About us

Inside the box



You put so much time and effort to think about every party detail, so let us help you make this the most memorable party ever.   Our props will allow your guests to let their hair down, have fun and we will capture those lasting memories on film.

How it all got started


This company was started in 2012 by a young 16 year old entrepreneur.  After attending a Sweet Sixteen, Ryan had so much fun taking funny & memorable pictures that he started Inside the Box Photo Booths.  

He partnered with Corri, a childhood friend and both reached out to their families for funding & skills and within 4 weeks had a fully operational business. Business grew but in 2014, Ryan moved to Maryland due to parents' relocation.  In 2017, Ryan decided to split the original NJ business and restart a new one in Maryland.  The spelling has changed but the vision has not, we offer the same high quality service.  Book us for your next event.

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